Angel’s Cry

The King, the Lord of Glory

The One, the Three, Godhead

Creator, Dreamer, Rebirth Maker…

The great I AM is dead.

The Timeless one in lying waits

In a tomb for death’s decay.

God rots in everlasting sleep

As corruption has its day.

Darkness laughs in silence

His Enemy no more.

Up to Heaven’s precipice

On leather wings does soar.

Dead the God who made us all

Dead the One True King!

Flock to me my angels,

And mine own praises sing!

Silence meets his boasting claim –

The silence of the grave.

The angels wait in watchful hope

Yet none rise bold or brave.

Murdered is the Final Judge!

Great Justice is cast down!

Stand thyselves before me now

And upon my head, His crown!

Yet still the angels tremble

Behind great glimmering walls

For they know what kind of crooked crown

A God wears when he falls.

The war is at its final end,

His blood is now run cold.

Now worship me my angels

As you did the God of old!

But as the sun rose far below

One waiting angel flew

Brighter than the dawning day

The dead God’s will to do.

The dragon on the moon above,

Did tremble with a fear

For with the angel’s desperate hope

He sensed his time was near.

The angel spread out mighty wings,

His many eyes aflame –

And with a cry did fall to earth

And soared out o’er the same.

The dragon desperate fearful

(of whom, he could not say)

Released his claws from horned moon

And flew that selfsame way.

Now towards the darkened, hateful place

Where his God had sweat out blood

The angel flew, shining with fire

Borne of a hopeful flood.

He heard the sound of dragon’s wings

And knew he had not long

The great round stone, with guard about:

The tomb of God so wrong.

The soldiers saw him on the air

Like wildfire in the cloud

Hiding now their faces

They fell with cries aloud.

The angel paid them no great mind,

For knowing time was short,

Folded wings and turned with haste

The demons’ plans to thwart.

Hands of light the mighty stone,

Hewn from the Maker’s earth,

Seized and pushed with dire strength

Borne from the hope’s rebirth.

But too slow against the snake –

Too late he reached the tomb –

For devil’s claws did seize upon

To carry him to doom.

The angel struggled in the air,

His sword of light rang out,

Yet the serpent had his old sharp tool:

One single seed of doubt.

He is mine, the fell beast cried

As he bore the angel high,

His blood and body given me,

And my feast is almost nigh!

And the angel’s heart did tremble,

Though he slashed out with his blade,

And deep within his bright wheeled being,

He felt himself afraid.

And then the silent stone below,

Unseen by eyes above,

Did turn and roll with gentle ease,

As silent as a dove.

God is dead, and dead shall stay,

The Satan roared with rage,

The I AM’s time has come and passed –

This is the devil’s age!

And down upon the earth unseen

Stepped out into the light

A figure wan and blinking,

Like one woken in the night.

One hope you have my angel friend –

One chance to save thy skin:

Swear fealty now to me alone

And be my own foul kin!

A silence fell between the two –

A silence filled with wrath.

Then from the earth that shone with dawn,

A deep and hearty laugh.

And at the sound of laughing,

The dev’l turned with a scream,

And the talons which bound the angel

Did vanish like a dream.

And the light of morning brilliant

Met the light of hope divine,

For death could not its tendrils hold

Life’s one true source, the Vine.

The laugh filled all the heavens,

And Hell below did shake,

As the Maker now on mortal earth

A strange new age did make.

The angel turned to see his king

Who’d rolled the stone aside,

And on his face of flaming fire

Broke a smile bold and wide.

Hail the God who made us all!

Hail the One True King!

All praises to the Final Judge

Who makes His mercies sing!

And the demon turned and fled afraid

For he knew his time was near.

Away he flew into the night

Unto his shadows dear.

Holy! cried the angels chorus

To make the heavens thrum,

Holy holy, Lord Almighty

Who was and is to come!

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