Welcome to the Homestead! I hope you’ll enjoy your stay. Don’t mind the strange fellow living upstairs: he’ll leave you be if you’re polite enough to listen to his stories.

My name is Trevor Van Winkle. When I’m not online, I live and work in the small town of Mammoth Lakes, CA as a photographer and videographer. I’ve self-published one novel, The Gr√§zland Tales, and I’m currently working on a second. For more information, check out my twitter feed… I can’t help blathering on about it there.

My hope is that this podcast and blog will be a source of both entertainment and inspiration, alternating between posts about the art, craft, and life of writing and short stories that will (hopefully) demonstrate those concepts. I try to alternate between written blogs and podcast episodes on a week by week basis, but that’s not always the way it turns out — don’t want to get too predictable, after all.

That’s about all there is to say about me, unless I decide to cash in and write an autobiography. And if you’re wondering about the blog’s name, just google the meaning of mine.