Homestead on the Corner is an independent media production and small press publishing company founded by writer/creator Trevor Van Winkle in 2017. Beginning as a blog for Trevor’s short stories, Homestead has since expanded to include the 4-book fantasy series The Gräzland Tales, the Homestead on the Corner audio drama/writing advice podcast, and The Sheridan Tapes, an ongoing horror/mystery audio drama podcast, along with several new upcoming projects.

Working with actors and writers from around the world, Homestead on the Corner seeks to create high quality accessible storytelling, prioritizing stories that focus on justice, equity, diversity, community, and hitherto unheard voices both within the fiction and behind the scenes. As the company continues to grow, we seek to hire, train, and enable up and coming creatives who might be ignored by larger media interests, granting them the support and platform they need to find creative, personal, and professional success before, during, and after their employment. We also hope to enable creators within and outside of the company for future success by providing open access to tools, education, and inspiration to create in a wide variety of creative endeavors.

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