Cast and Crew

Trevor Van Winkle

Creator/Writer/Producer, Voice of Sam Bailey and De Witt

Trevor Van Winkle has been telling stories for as long as he can remember. Raised in southern Oregon, he was instilled with a love of books, film, and music from a young age, producing short films with his friends and family members throughout middle and high school before attending Biola University, where he majored in Cinema and Media Arts with an emphasis in Production. Shortly after graduation, he moved to Mammoth Lakes, CA and self-published his first novel, The Gräzland Tales, then began producing Homestead on the Corner in 2019 with the help of actors from the local theatre community. Following the beginning of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, he created the spinoff series The Sheridan Tapes as a way to keep himself and the other members of the Homestead team sane.

Airen Neeley Chaconas

Voice of Anna Sheridan

Airen Neeley Chaconas might be new to the podcast world, but has starred as the leading lady in community theater productions of The Merchant of Venice, As You Like It, and Macbeth. Airen loves writing, travel, vintage finds, and her husband of two years! When she is not voicing the character of Anna Sheridan, she is tackling corporate training and binge-watching British dramas.

Virginia Spotts

Writer/Producer, Voice of Kate Sheridan

Virginia Spotts is pleased as punch to be on the Sheridan Tapes team, and grateful for the opportunity to expand her creative career in the world of audio fiction. Besides her college experience in Theatre Performance and Creative Writing, Virginia has worked on indie film and stage productions in Albuquerque, Kansas City, Seattle, and Mammoth Lakes. Notable productions include Molly in the world premiere of ShootHorses at UMKC, Jane/Olga in MLRT’s The Women (postponed due to COVID-19), lead roles in two murder mysteries written by Airen Neeley Chaconas, and voice acting work within the Homestead on the Corner universe (Kate Sheridan, Anne Bonny, Esen). In her free time, Virginia likes to go on long walks in the mountains around Los Angeles with her husband and dog.

Jesse Steele

Voice of Bill Tyler

While waiting the proverbial tables, Jesse Steele has been working as an actor, director, writer, producer, editor, karaoke host, bartender, and high school film teacher for going on 15 years, give or take. His production company, Stainless Films, based in California’s Eastern Sierra, focuses on short films and commercials. With many shape-changing and eclectic roles under his belt, he has portrayed Benedict in Much Ado About Nothing, Orlando in As You Like It,  The Baker in Into the Woods, Harry in Mamma Mia!, Robert in Boeing-Boeing, Hannay in 39 Steps, Barfay in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, and Bottom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, to name a few. Jesse’s favorite film role to date was playing Mark Twain in a locally produced short film. Jesse is honored to be working with such incredible talent on The Sheridan Tapes, and happy to have finally gotten his lifelong wish to be made into a cartoon character.

Amitola Lomas

Voice of Maria Sol

A world traveler and adventure-seeker, Amitola spends her time reading, seeking out interesting (and hopefully haunted) places, and looking for more stories to obsessively consume. What began as a passion for literature evolved into memorizing epic poetry and writing, and she loves the versatile nature of podcasting and audio drama. She has acted in several plays, participated in poetry recitation competitions, and enjoys the grand play that we all call life.

Mike Kennedy

Voice of Chief Morrison

Mike Kennedy is a film, commercial, stage and voice actor. Having transitioned from a career as a general practice physician, Mike stepped into the void to pursue his passions and has never looked back. His last lead in the short film “Ravage” has garnered multiple awards including several “Best Actors.” He has portrayed a crusty conflicted rock climber, a savvy Slavic spy, a deranged miner in a Faustian drama, and a homicidal parishioner. On stage, his last lead was in Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

*Note: In Season 1 of The Sheridan Tapes, Mike Kennedy was credited as Michael Dostrow.

Sam Taylor

Voice of Doctor Ren Park

Sam Taylor lives, works, and plays around Mammoth Lakes, Ca. While HOTC and TST are his first foray into voice acting, it has always been something he wanted to explore. Sam likes to spend his free time writing, mostly in the fantasy genre. He also is an avid participant in local theatre, which is how he first met Trevor. Sam’s day to day life consists of running a shipping and copy shop he took over with his partner in 2019.

Jesse Haugen


Jesse Haugen is an award-winning composer whose body of work includes music for film, web, television, podcasts, and the concert stage. Born on a cattle ranch in North Dakota, he moved to California at a young age and fell in love with not just playing music, but creating it himself. Many years later, he now frequently collaborates with storytellers, orchestras, and content creators from all across the globe, creating music that seeks to help bring stories, worlds, and instruments to life. Jesse lives in Fullerton, California with his wife, two-year-old son, and puppy.

Supporting Cast

  • Gus KriegerGiles Fallow, Episode 04
  • Mike Van Winkle Commission Board Member, Episode 05
  • Chris Martin Robert Quincy, Episodes 10, 26, 29, 37
  • Alejandra CejudoThe Beechwood Monster, Episode 14 / Amanita, Episode 33, 49, 50
  • Matthew Chaconas Anthony Perdue, Episode 16
  • Alex Brown Laurel, Episode 18
  • Lesley-Anne HoxieWaitress, Episode 19
  • Liz Hull Alice Kearnes, Episodes 22, 35
  • Maurice Cooper Jerry Price, Episodes 24, 25, 36, 45, 46, 47, 49, 50
  • Robin GabrielliAllen Gott, Episodes 25, 34
  • David Ault The Host, Episode 27
  • James CainPeter Slate, Episode 28
  • Ezra J. Wayne Ned Leroux, Episodes 29, 33, 35, 36, 37, 40, 41, 48, 49, 50
  • Carmina Manley Dispatch, Episodes 29, 37, 45
  • Sarah KarnesLara Smith, Episodes 29, 36
  • Becca ScottDolores/Eunice, Episode 32
  • Tal MinearHydnellum, Episode 33
  • Conrad SpottsNurse, Episode 36
  • Leslie RedmanMolly Davis, Episode 43
  • Charles Scatolini – Pastor Seeger, Episode 45
  • Socks WhitmorePossessed Host, Episode 45
  • Fennec Foxfire – Waitress, Episode 47
  • Clayton Currie – Andrew Sheridan, Episode 47, 50