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Audio Experiment 01: Celephaïs Homestead on the Corner

CONTENT WARNING: Strong elements of existential dread, paranoia, unreality, and coughing sound effects In a dream it was also that he came by his name of Kuranes, for when awake he was called by another name… Written and produced by Van Winkle, with transcription by Virginia Spotts. Inspired by the short story Celephaïs by HP Lovecraft. This episode was made possible by our supporters at and For more information, additional content, and episode transcript, visit Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  1. Audio Experiment 01: Celephaïs
  2. Episode 02: The road to writing
  3. Episode 01: The end goal of creativity is not perfection
  4. State of the Homestead 2023 – Updates, Announcements, and Thanks
  5. The Sheridan Tapes – The Final Season: Crowdfunding Now

Your home for practical fiction writing lessons, Homestead on the Corner is a weekly non-fiction series dedicated to the craft of story. Written and produced in collaboration with actors and writers in the Eastern Sierra and beyond, Homestead strives teach and inspire others to tell their stories. Tune in every week for lessons on plot, character, and other writing techniques, along with the occasional standalone audio drama. “Have a great day, and keep writing!”



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