Lesson 02: “The Process” – Finishing your Story

Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Listen on Google Podcasts Trevor Van Winkle shares his 7 steps for finishing a writing project, whether it be a novel, screenplay, or podcast. A great first step for anyone with a great new idea and a long list of incomplete creative projects they don’t want to repeat. … More Lesson 02: “The Process” – Finishing your Story

Against The Wind

The pines whispered. The old oaks groaned. Ravines thin as razors screamed high in the shattered hills. The tempest had come. At the border of the farmlands, ancient family trees writhed, tugging at their own roots in such a way that the very earth seemed to breathe. Fencing stones, fixed to their places since time … More Against The Wind

Angel’s Cry

The King, the Lord of Glory The One, the Three, Godhead Creator, Dreamer, Rebirth Maker… The great I AM is dead. The Timeless one in lying waits In a tomb for death’s decay. God rots in everlasting sleep As corruption has its day. Darkness laughs in silence His Enemy no more. Up to Heaven’s precipice … More Angel’s Cry