A Request…

Let me tell you a story,

Let me spin you a song,

Let me raise up a tall tale here…

Let me ramble and roam

Through lands yet unknown

And sing dreams of a life never told.


I can’t promise riches,

I can’t guarantee joy,

I can’t writ all your fantasies true…

Heck, I can’t be assured

If I put down a word

It won’t come out fully absurd.


It might not be beautiful,

It may not be brief,

It may not hold whit, it is true…

There is only one promise

That seems fit to make,

So here’s what I can promise you:


An over-wound riddle,

A myth yet unknown,

All the wonderful worlds I can see…

So take leave from the earth

Of your own set of eyes…

Let me lend you my pair for a spell.

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