Story 06: Blindsights

CONTENT WARNING: Strong language, violence, and disturbing elements.

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A blind gunslinger flees his violent past, finding solace in the small town of Santa Lucia… but when a gang of outlaws appears in town, he must defend the place and the people he’s come to call home the only way he knows how.

This story features Jesse Steele as Jacob, Maurice Cooper as Sam, Jeff Frome as Cyrus, Michael Dostrow as Rueter, Christ Martin as the Sheriff, Susan Dalian as Dunn, and Charles Scatolini as Tolbert. Original music was composed by Jesse Haugen (, the Homestead on the Corner theme was composed by Lauren Baker, and the closing credits were “Another Way” by the Bodie 601 Band (

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Blindsights Thumb

Original Score by Jesse Haugen

Desolate Twang

A Holy Standoff

Sam’s Theme



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