Episode 34: “Remembrance Hidden Deep”

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CONTENT WARNING: Depictions of grief, loss, and trauma, including a PTSD flashback, terror, dread, some strong language, and loud noises

10312019a: Late one Halloween night, Sam Bailey braves the cabin’s cellar in an attempt to test the limits of his supernatural abilities… only to find that something doesn’t want him to pierce the veil, and that there is far more beyond it than he was prepared for.

Starring Robin Gabrielli as Allen Gott and Trevor Van Winkle as Sam Bailey, with original music by Jesse Haugen. Written by Trevor Van Winkle and produced by Virginia Spotts and Trevor Van Winkle, and made possible by our supporters at Patreon.com/homesteadcorner and ko-fi.com/homesteadcorner

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CONTENT WARNING: Depictions of grief, loss, and trauma, including a PTSD flashback, terror, dread, some strong language, and loud noises

Cold Open

[Thunder rumbles in the distance on a rain-lashed night]

[Rain hits the window]

[Someone stirs on the bed, disturbing the blankets] 


[Groaning as he wakes and sits up]

Sam? Sam? Sam, are you…?

[Allen sits up]

[He hears Sam muttering]


Anything. Anything. Anyone. Anything. Anything. Anyone. Anything. Anything. Anyone…

[Allen stands and crosses the room to his side]


Sam? Sam, look at me, are… Are you okay?


Huh? Where am… Who are you?



The man in the moon, silly. I came in to get out of the rain.


The – who?


Oh shit – Sam, it’s me. It’s Allen.



[coming back to himself]


[Sam buries his face in Allen’s chest, sobbing]


Hey, hey, it’s alright. It’s alright. You’re okay.


I can’t… Allen, I couldn’t see you. I couldn’t hear you. I was… I was back in the water again, and I was…


Hey… It’s okay. You don’t have to talk about it. You’re safe now.


I can hear it, Allen. I can still hear the waves, every time it rains. They’re still inside my head. I can still see their faces…


Come back to bed… I think I have something that might help.

[Allen sits on the bed and opens a drawer]



Yeah, I bet you do.


Here, try these.


Ear plugs?


It’s the sound of the rain that sets it off, right? My first apartment was next to the freeway, and I always have a stash of them tucked away. Go ahead, try them on.

[Rustling as Sam puts them in]







Is that better?


Oh… Yeah, I think it is. I… I can’t hear them anymore. I always thought… I didn’t think that would work.


Well, hopefully that means we can both get some sleep tonight. Come on, let’s get back into bed…

[The phone suddenly starts to ring across the room]


What the hell? It’s one o’clock in the morning.


Is… Is that the phone?


You stay here and go back to sleep,

I’ll get it.

[Allen walks across the room & picks up the phone]


Hello, Bailey residence? Hello? Is anyone there?

(pause, listening)

I think you might have a bad connection, I can’t quite… I can’t hear you.

[The bed creaks, Sam shifting]


Look, try calling back, but… Please do it later? It’s way too early for this.


Who is it, Allen?


I… I don’t think it’s anyone. 

[Allen hangs up] 


Huh. You know, I just got the weirdest feeling that…



[The bed creaks as Allen gets back in]


Never mind. I’m sure it’s nothing. Go back to sleep.

[Cassette noises]


[Main Theme]

Recording Begins

[Cassette noises]

[Static fades away]

[Thunder, wind, and rain in the distance, muffled by a few feet of earth] 

[An occasional dripping from an old basement pipe]

[Someone lights a match, then a few candles]


Alright… This is Sam Bailey, recording on October 31st, 2019 at 8:55pm, and I guess you would call this, uh… Contact experiment number one. Note to self, need to come up with a better name.

Still, it’s a decent enough description of what I’m trying to do here. After what happened in the woods last week, I’ve been getting these… flashes. Bits of emotional noise from all around the cabin that seem to be coming from… somewhere else. I’m not sure if it’s the lake or whatever created the fire or something else out there, but I’m sure it comes from that… Other Place. The one De Witt told me about, and the place the Beechwood monster said they came from. I’m starting to suspect that’s where all of these supernatural phenomena originate… Some kind of space outside of the normal universe. Huh. I guess that… includes me too. Uh…

And I think I still have a link to it – some kind of connection to whatever was in the lake. I initially thought I could only use it if I was physically in Agate Shore, but based on what I’ve been feeling… I think it’s a permanent link. And if I can find a way to make contact with it and figure out how it works, I may be able to use it more effectively. And if Bill’s telling the truth about what’s happening in Oslow… Then I need to be ready.

I will admit that I might be doing this mostly because it still stings a bit – the way Morrison was able to get the drop on me in my apartment. I don’t know what I could have done differently, but I’m guessing that things would have gone better if I’d actually been able to contact my, uh… whatever the lake is.

So, here I am: Halloween night, down in the basement with the rain pelting down and the sound of the waves just… refusing to shut up. All of which should bring me closer to that other place. Break down the walls a little bit. And I know that all sounds a bit like superstitious speculation, but… [sigh] well, I’m a supernatural doppelgänger created by an entity that potentially occupies all water on Earth. I think we’re a little past scoffing at superstition by now.

[Deep breath]

Okay… Here we go.

[He falls silent. A slight static rises on the tape]

Ugh. Nothing. I mean, there’s still the waves, but that’s nothing new. It’s all just…

What did I do with the fire again? It was like… I tried to match my emotions to the ones it was putting off. Synchronize them, somehow. So if I… Maybe if I try feeling for them again?

[Sam closes his eyes, grunting slightly as he focuses]

Still nothing. It just made the waves worse, if anything. Maybe if I–

I’m still trying to force it. Trying to make something happen instead of listening for it. And resisting the waves, too. I didn’t try to do anything with the fire, it was just… there. Same with the lake.

I need to… I need to open myself up to it. Be quiet. Stop thinking and just… Let it happen.

[He breathes unsteadily]

I said stop thinking goddammit, not think about not thinking. Come on Bailey… Let the waves drown it all out. Just… Breathe.

[Sam’s breathing slows]

[Slight static rises]

Okay… There is something there. I thought I felt something when I was down here before. It’s a… A sense of…

Wrongness. Like something bad happened down here, and it opened the door for something worse. And the emotions of it are still imprinted on the walls, somehow. And I can feel something else too… Some kind of emotions that are… Beyond it. They’re definitely there, but they don’t feel quite… human. There’s a… I think it’s fear? It’s faint… Much fainter than the emotions I felt with the fire, but… it’s there.


Oh, god, I don’t think I’m ever going to get used to this – feeling like someone else’s emotions are being layered over mine. I hope I do, but for now… Let’s just try matching them a little more. See if I can…

[Slight gasp]

[Static rises again]

Okay – that is not pleasant. There’s a… It’s almost like a feedback loop. The more I feel afraid, the more I feel that other thing’s fear, and the more scared I get. It’s… Jesus, that is deeply unpleasant.

But I’m getting more of the flavor of it now. It’s not a fear of something, more like… A fear for something. Or someone. It’s almost like a…

It’s a protective instinct. I can tell now, there’s a… A nurturing feeling behind it. And an anger. But I can’t tell what it’s supposed to be…

[He cuts off with a gasp]

Shit. I… I opened my eyes for just a second there, and… I’m not alone down here.

Okay… I’m going to try and describe what I’m seeing, but… Bear with me, because I can barely make sense of it. There’s… I don’t know. There’s something else in here, I can see that much. They’re… dark? Sort of? I mean, the entire basement is dark except for where the candles are shining, but these are… Well, I don’t actually think they’re any darker. I don’t know how I’m seeing them… They seem to be identical to the rest of the shadows, but… I know they’re in here. They look… Humanoid? Kind of. Not the right proportions, but… Wait, no, that one has too many legs. Or – are those even legs? They don’t have any joints that I can see, but they’re… No, I can’t even see enough of them to say they don’t have joints. Are they… Tentacles, maybe? Tendrils of some kind?

I don’t know. But they are there… Dozens of them, at least. Maybe as many as a hundred, somehow… It’s like they go on for miles, even though I know the walls are only a dozen feet apart, if that. Or maybe… Wait. No.

No, I think it might just be one massive creature. All the… All of the figures are moving the same way, at the same time. But then how big would it have to be? It couldn’t possibly fit into this basement if it’s–

[Cutting off with a groan]

Ugh. Whoah. That’s… I just had a really bad flash of vertigo just then. Ohh. Breathe, Bailey… just look down, and just breathe…

Wait… wait, no, no don’t go! I need to… Come on. Breathe. Get back to where you were before and–

[Crying out]

Gah! What the hell was that? It’s not an emotion – it’s… it’s more like the start of a headache, like… like they’re pushing back on me. And the emotions underneath it almost feel like… Like how I normally try to deal with the waves. And there’s something else now. I can feel an undercurrent of… Is that panic? But they’re not…

No. No, this isn’t going to work like this. They’re pushing against me now? Then match that emotion. Feel the way they do, and then use their energy to push yourself further into this place. It’s like… [he laughs] 

[Static rises on the tape]

A wave. Let it wash over you, and it’ll carry you along with it.

[The static shifts into a new soundscape that echoes and shifts around Sam: unreal, almost sounding like being underwater]

[Opening his eyes]

Oh… Wow. That’s… That’s something else. The basement is… Well, it’s still here, but it’s – changed. The walls still look like unfinished concrete, but now they’re almost… Fluid. Like it’s some kind of gas or liquid barely holding its shape and just pretending to be solid. And there’s a kind of…

I almost want to say refraction going on? Like the shadows are splitting into different colors around the edges, the same way light does through a prism. Except… It’s not really colors. It isn’t any brighter than it was before, but it’s like there are different… Types of shadows, I guess? And I can somehow see the differences between them. I really don’t have the words for this. Maybe Anna would, but…

[The noise of something shifting, like doors, to allow him to see where he is]

It’s… The walls are getting more transparent now. I can see something behind them… kind of. It’s still obscured, but there’s a… It almost looks like some kind of massive cave, or an underground dome of some kind. I can see, uh… There’s a ceiling above where I’m sitting. It’s still pretty far away, but it looks like it’s made of some kind of dark rock – almost black, I think, and covered with stalactites. The ground is… Well, I can’t see it, it just vanishes into a fog bank about… God, that must be at least a mile down. Thankfully the ground I’m sitting on still looks solid – everything the candle illuminated doesn’t seem to be affected by what’s going on. Even so… God, I’ve never had vertigo this bad before…

[Cutting off sharply]

[A booming moan in the distance]

It’s still here. I can see it now: the creature I saw in the shadows, the one that tried to push me away from getting in here. It’s further away than I thought, but I still can’t quite tell what it looks like. The figures I was seeing are all around it, held up on its arms or tentacles or… Whatever they are. They must be it’s… What, hands? Fingers? Maybe they’re decoys or… Mimics, somehow? God, there must be hundreds of them. They’re all different shapes and sizes, but they’re all linked together to some huge… something in the middle. The mist is hiding most of it, but it’s level with where I’m sitting. God, it must be at least a mile tall, unless the ground’s higher where it’s standing. 

[Creature bellowing]

It looks like it might get wider as it goes down, like a tree trunk or something. I guess it would have to be built like that in order to stand. God, how much would something like that weigh…

[Thud. Thud. Deep, thundering, irregular impacts, a massive creature walking, shaking the cabin]

Oh god. It’s coming this way. And I can feel its emotions again. Whatever it is… It doesn’t want me here.

[Thud. Thud. The footsteps grow louder]

Okay Sam. Experiment worked – maybe a little too well. Now it’s time to wake up. Or… Surface, maybe? End the call? Just… Get out of here!

[Thud. Thud thud]

Okay, you don’t want me to be here? I don’t want to be here either. So just… Break the link, like you tried to do before! I’ve seen what I needed to see, and I’m done, I promise!

[Thud. Thud. Glass on the cabin shelves around Sam begin to shake]

Oh god… I need to get out of here.

[Sam scrambles to his feet, takes a few steps, then cries out]

[A soft, squelchy noise]

Ah! What the… Oh jesus. The basement floor, just past the

candles, it feels… Soft? Like I’d sink through if I just put my weight on it. It feels like – I don’t know, mud or quicksand or something.

No way I could make it to the stairs before I’d fall all the way through. Maybe if I take a candle with me, it would…

[A glass jar falls from a shelf and shatters as the thudding footsteps continue]

Shit. Focus Bailey… You got yourself into this mess, you can get yourself out again. You’re still linked to the creature, the same way you were to the fire. So just… just find it again, and…

[Sam draws in a sharp breath, and exhales]

[The sound of waves]

[His voice distorting, static on the tape]

Go. Away.

[One last moan from the monstrous shadow creature, and then the world fades back to normal]

[Basement on a stormy night]

It… It worked. It’s gone. 

[Breathless laughter]

Holy shit, I can’t believe that actually worked! I just… I just kind of… Pushed back on it, the same way it was trying to push on me, and it’s… It’s gone!

Phew… Okay. Going to be a while before I try something like that again, but… I’m okay. I made it out alright.

[Above, a phone begins to ring in the cabin]

What the hell…?

[It rings again. Sam kneels, picks up the recorder, and walks across the room, climbing the stairs into the cabin]

[Sam carefully pushes the door open]

That’s, uh… The, um, the phone in the living room… The one that had its cable sliced in half? It’s ringing. But that’s…


Maybe I should… Just leave it alone. Let it ring out.



[Sam crosses to the phone and picks it up]



Hello, Bailey residence?

[Sam makes a heartbroken, surprised noise that catches in his throat]


Hello? Is anyone there?


Allen! Allen, it’s me! It’s Sam! Please, you have to…


I think you might have a bad connection, I can’t quite… I can’t hear you.


Allen, please, just… Listen to me! There’s something in the water, you have to get out of Agate Shore–


Look, try calling back, but… Please do it later? It’s way too early for this.


Allen, please just – just hear me… Please…


[from the other end of the phone call]

Who is–who is it, Allen?

[Sam cuts off at the sound of his own voice, realizing when this was]


I… I don’t think it’s anyone.



[Click. The phone call ends in a long, mocking dial tone]

[Sam hangs up]

[He stands there, the sound of the rain washing over him]

I love you. I miss you. And I’m sorry. I am so, so sorry. I wish I’d known what… I wish I could have found a way. I would have… I would’ve given anything to save you.

[Rain. Thunder. Silence]


[The storm has settled down slightly… It’s still the dead of night, but the rain is only a faint patter and a warm fire crackles in the wood stove]

[Sam shifts as he starts a new recording]


Alright. It’s about midnight now, and I’ve uh… Well, I’ve had a good long cry, so I’m feeling a little better. That was… I don’t really know what I was expecting, but I wasn’t prepared for that.

Whatever appeared in the basement… I don’t think it was connected to the phone call. Not directly. At least, I don’t think one caused the other. The creature felt more like a… I want to call it a guardian, for some reason. It didn’t want me to reach into that other world. It was trying to keep me back from something, trying to prevent me from making a link, but somehow… I got around it.

When I pushed it away, I made a connection to something else. And somehow… It linked me with Allen. Three years ago.

I think I remember that phone call… Sort of. It was the first night that Allen saw me dealing with the waves, and he gave me a pair of earplugs to drown out the sound of the rain. I had them on when the phone rang, so I didn’t actually hear what he said, but… I think it was that night. That night when I was so afraid of what was inside my own head, and he kept me safe. He brought me out of it.

[Sam takes a deep breath]

I really don’t know what I’m going to do without him. God, even the supernatural knows he’s who I run to when I don’t know what else to do. But I can’t just keep…

No. He isn’t there. Not really. Even if I could reach back into that place and hear his voice again – he can’t hear me. I can’t change what happened. And I can’t even let him know how much I miss him.

Whatever’s coming for me… Whatever’s really happening in Oslow… I have to be ready to face it on my own.


Recording Ends

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