A Quick Update

Good Morning Everybody! I know there wasn’t a podcast episode this week, and the blog’s been radio silent for a fortnight, but I’m not actually dead. I’m just in the middle of a very busy season as summer gears up, and last weekend I was able to go away on a wondrous trip with a … More A Quick Update

The Circle

The boy from our world and the man from his own crossed the blood-orange grasses stretching to the horizon of an ochre sky. The man made his way slow, searching, solemn, his feet aching with the steps of a thousand days. The boy’s feet were sore too, but he hardly felt them; he registered only … More The Circle


The sun rose imperceptible in a sky of steel wool that Saturday. Sally blinked — twice — then turned on her side, away from her boyfriend’s best impression of an elephant seal. 9:15. The clock on the nightstand glowed a feeble green. Sally indulged a grin, directed at no one but herself, as she rose … More Selkie

A Request…

Let me tell you a story, Let me spin you a song, Let me raise up a tall tale here… Let me ramble and roam Through lands yet unknown And sing dreams of a life never told.   I can’t promise riches, I can’t guarantee joy, I can’t writ all your fantasies true… Heck, I … More A Request…