Story 07: The Stars Eternal

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At the end of a revolution they helped to lead, the crew of the ISC Elementis is ordered to execute one of their crewmates: an immortal alien traveler known as the Castaway. But when they find themselves under attack by the Castaway’s oldest enemy, the captain must put aside duty and fight alongside her friend once more.

This story features Marcy Murray as the Castaway, Susan Dalian as Chikere Aster, Trevor Van Winkle as Conn, Virginia Spotts as Esen, Sam Taylor as Citizen Xander, Airen Neeley Chaconas as the Jovians, and Bohdi Silva as General Echo. Original music was composed by Jesse Haugen (, the Homestead on the Corner theme was composed by Lauren Baker, and the closing credits were “Hold your Breath” by I’m a Lion, I’m a Wolf (

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The Stars Eternal Thumb

Original Score by Jesse Haugen

The Stars Eternal

The ISC Elementis

Jovian Chase

The Oldest Trick in Naval History


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