Episode 03: “Thither to Burn”

Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Tape 1-10-2-1-8: Suffering from an acute case of writers block, Anna Sheridan retreats to a small cabin on the Oregon coast to work on her latest novel – but despite her best efforts to avoid them, supernatural forces reappear at nightfall. Starring Airen Neeley Chaconas as Anna Sheridan, … More Episode 03: “Thither to Burn”

Story 07: The Stars Eternal

Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Listen on Google Podcasts At the end of a revolution they helped to lead, the crew of the ISC Elementis is ordered to execute one of their crewmates: an immortal alien traveler known as the Castaway. But when they find themselves under attack by the Castaway’s oldest enemy, the captain must put aside duty and fight alongside her … More Story 07: The Stars Eternal


Sir Philip of Motocadia turned as the steel-toed boot slammed into his stomach, but still felt the brunt of the impact as it shattered at least one rib. He grunted as he landed flat in the dry dust, thrown several feet by the blow. The two other Vandals laughed while the one who’d kicked the … More Ouroboros

Story 03: Worlds Apart

Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Listen on Google Podcasts When the Earth’s magnetic field reverses without warning, two arctic scientists – one at the North Pole, one in Antarctica – find themselves unexpectedly connected by the anomaly. Cut off from any hope of rescue with only each other’s voices on the radio, they … More Story 03: Worlds Apart

Against The Wind

The pines whispered. The old oaks groaned. Ravines thin as razors screamed high in the shattered hills. The tempest had come. At the border of the farmlands, ancient family trees writhed, tugging at their own roots in such a way that the very earth seemed to breathe. Fencing stones, fixed to their places since time … More Against The Wind