Story 10: The Silver Age

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CONTENT WARNING: Depiction of a disaster, discussions of suicide, gun violence, and some strong language.

After she is saved from a devastating earthquake by the superhero Silverman, reporter Lera Lynn begins work on an investigative report focusing on him. As they begin their final interview, however, it quickly becomes clear that one of them is hiding a deadly secret.

This story features Allison McDonell Page as Lera, Victoria Ann Farber as Ada, Bohdi Silva as Silverman, Gus Krieger as the Controller, Jeff Frome as Andrew, and Charles Scatolini as Alan. Original music for this episode was composed by Jesse Haugen (, the Homestead on the Corner theme was composed by Lauren Baker, and the closing credits were “Witness” by Bother James (

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Original Score by Jesse Haugen

The Silver Age

Lera and Ada

The Controller


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